Custom Applications

custom applications

Did you know, 76% of projects initiated never reach completion, specifications or budget? They fail because of poor cost and schedule estimation, skills that do not match the job, hidden costs of going lean and mean, failure to plan, vague requirements, communication breakdowns, poor architecture, stakeholder conflicts and the list goes on. In our previous projects, IT Spin delivered project (100%) on time and within budget by taking care of each tiny nut and bolt.

In response to large customer demand, we launched our custom application development and testing practice. IT Spin philosophy sets us apart from the competition.

The IT Spin practice in custom application development: Access to a mixed pool of onshore, offshore, offsite talent that allows us to provide continuous “work day” feature (24/7) and less expensive solutions (lower cost levels) to our customers. And our ability to “ramp up” quickly to meet and exceed customer needs.

  • Our Custom Application Development & Testing Services Include:
  • Application Development and Maintenance
  • Conversion and Migration of Existing Applications
  • Infrastructure and Deployment Support
  • E-Business, Internet, Intranet and Web Development
  • Training of end users if needed
  • Application Testing and Certification